Past Experiments

Lava Lamp - October 2021

By utilizing the differing polarities of oil and water as well as the reaction between alka seltzer tablets and water, students were able to make their own lava lamp while learning about the effect of polarity on mixtures. 

Parachutes - November 2021

Students created parachutes of their own design that they then tested in a friendly competition. They were able to learn about air resistance and how that impacts the world around them as well as how that knowledge can be used in everyday life. 

Milk and Food Coloring Art - January 2022

Due to the differing polarities of oil and milk, students were able to create their own pieces of artwork. They layered drops of oil, drops of food coloring, and milk causing the food coloring to streak creating a pattern similar to tie dye. 

Pasta Bridge - February 2022

Students used uncooked pasta, tape, engineering skills, and most importantly creativity to create a bridge that could hold the greatest number of coins.

Rubber Band Guitar - April 2022

Students were given an opportunity to create and decorate their own guitar which utilize rubber bands of varying thicknesses. This experiment demonstrated how frequency, pitch, and the thicknesses of strings are related. 

Two-Stage Balloon Rocket - October 2022

Students were able to take after aerospace engineers and build their very own rockets! This one was out of balloons, though. By using the power of two balloons to power their rockets, they were able to see it travel across the room following the path of a string. 

Cup Platforms - November 2022

In this experiment, students were able to learn some basic principles of physical forces. They constructed platforms made out of disposable cups that were able to hold the weight of an entire person!

Storm in a Cup - December 2022

What causes rain? Students were able to find the answer to this question by learning about the water cycle. They then created their very own "storm" using food coloring raindrops and shaving cream clouds. 

Foil Boat Competition - January 2023

Our first month working with Garret Park Elementary School! Students competed to design tin foil boats that could hold the most pennies. The winning boat ended up holding over 100 coins! 

Light Refraction Magic - February 2023

Students investigated the basics of light refraction and how viewing images through water can distort it! Magic!